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Company Formation

Setting up a company can be inexpensive and immediate, but there are pitfalls to avoid. We can manage this process for you, and then maintain the statutory records of the new company.

We are happy to provide you with one of our ready-made companies or to create one to your specifications with your choice of name. A special formation will take about seven-eight days, whereas a ready-made company is available straight away.

In order to form the company on your behalf, or to transfer a ready-made company to you, we will need to:

  • Appoint a director for the company
  • Appoint a company secretary
  • Establish a registered office – this is the company’s official address for certain legal and administrative purposes and is not necessarily the same as the trading address. You may wish to use your home address or our address as the registered office.
  • Decide upon a suitable accounting year-end date – we can advise you on this
  • Issue shares in the company to establish ownership – while a company is usually formed with at least two initial shareholders it is now possible to have a single shareholder company. We can advise on the most suitable arrangement based upon your personal circumstances.
  • Register your business with the tax authorities
  • Make suitable arrangements for bank services